Youngest Super Bowl Commercial Directors, The Neymarc Brothers, Sign With WME To Write And Direct Feature Films

Deal propelled by “outstanding” short film Happy Valentine’s Day, to be released on February 7, 2018

New York, NY- (February 1, 2018) French-American brothers, self-taught directors and successful commercial producers behind Neymarc Visuals, LLC, Andrew and Remy Neymarc have signed on with William Morris Entertainment (WME) to write and direct feature films.

Their short film, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, shot in one take, in reverse and slow motion — a believed first-time ever accomplishment — caught studio executives’ attention after Hollywood producers showed the technical feat short-film to top talent agencies.  “The short is outstanding!! It is so impressive…” says Bradley Fuller, Producer at Platinum Dunes (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

“Remy & Andrew’s ability to so flawlessly execute their premise in “Happy Valentine’s Day” shows they’re emerging filmmakers to pay attention to. I can’t wait to see what they do when they tackle a full-length feature,” says Alyssa Phillips, producer at Voltage Pictures (Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt)

The brothers chose WME to represent them as writers-directors and will release “Happy Valentine’s Day” in its entirety on February 7th through VFX’s renowned Youtube Channel, The CG Bros, which now has nearly two million subscribers. The short film is a meticulous design of love, death, and fate; a sumptuous tale of how one couple’s tragedy triggers two strangers falling in love.

The Chicago born, Paris raised Neymarc Brothers became the youngest creators of a Super Bowl commercial in 2012 with their 30-second spot for Dannon’s Oikos brand Greek yogurt, “The Tease” featuring actor John Stamos and reached millions.

The brothers got their start after their promotional video for the Lewis and Clark college rowing team went viral and caught the attention of the renown Disney Producer Don Hahn (The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, Atlantis). Having received encouraging words from Mr. Hahn, the brothers decided to move to New York in 2011 to start their agency, Neymarc Visuals, LLC.

Since then, many of their commercials have regularly broadcasted on Times Square billboards, including two from the city’s largest office landlord SL Green Realty Corp, “Revive” and “New York City Promo” and for the new, One World Trade Center, “Rise,” which appeared on New York’s Port Authority. Their commercial for the billion-dollar investment management company Jones Lang La Salle, “Why I Call This Place Home” premiered at HBO Bryant Park Festival in 2017.

Neymarc Visuals also made commercials for Pepsi, Tropicana, American Red Cross, Princess Cruises, Cadillac, and Chevrolet, and corporate videos for Forbes and Google. They also competed in spec commercials for Jaguar and Vitamin Water – and created a short film for WWF to compete in their own Vimeo short film competition.

Internationally, their commercial television work includes a U.K. ad for Volvic mineral water, “The Comeback;” Chevy’s “The Speech”, which won 1st place at Chevrolet’s Oscar Competition in 2014 (European Region), and the J&B Whiskey “Starting Parties” ad that broadcasted in Argentina.

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