Why Choosing us matters

You’re unique. What you do is special. How you think is singular. Your approach to life, art and business is just a little different…and a lot better.  So is ours.  We believe it’s the difference that makes the difference. We’re Garnier Public Relations.

Custom designed campaigns for film distribution, film production companies, and connecting with movie sales agents are our topline services. 

But it’s our comprehensive, hands-on PR and marketing strategies, developed and implemented in partnership with you, which set us apart from the big guys.

GPR makes a point to get to know its clients—how else can we provide you with the best if we don’t know your history, your short and long-term objectives, and how past publicity campaigns have worked for you. Only then can we develop and execute a tactical plan tailored just for you and create a lasting relationship.

GRP delivers all the same services as a big agency—an exhaustive complement of media outlets, editorial options, media relations, and special events.  But, again, it’s the difference that matters. 

We’re the step ahead, the push behind and the shoulder aligned with yours. With careful constructs, custom strategies, and acute attention to your needs, GPR keeps your priorities at the top of the list while getting results.  Your success is our primary objective.

At GPR, you’ll never suffer from Big Agency Syndrome:  Here, needs are met, expectations are exceeded, attention is paid, and phone calls and emails are returned.

You’ll never get lost in the shuffle, and we’re always available when you need us. The more we invest in you, the more you invest in us—and we’re both worth it.

Film Festivals and Premieres

We boast an annual presence at Comic-cons, we offer Film Festival publicity and support, we cover Trade Show events, we can set up Special Screenings, book Photographers, arrange for behind-the-scenes Video Crews, offer Branding services, and create Social Media Campaigns as well as any other niche event we believe it would be beneficial to fill.

Unit Production publicity

Balancing actors of varied personality with the needs of the studio for press and the marketing of films in production, the production or unit publicist is a key player on set.  Danielle Garnier has served as production publicist on a number of films, lining up interviews. with leading actors, producers and directors.

Theatrical and Event Cinema

GPR sets up national film critic screenings, reviews, radio promotions, regional marketing and targeted consumer, trade and social media campaigns prior to your film’s launch and keeps the support going as long as it takes after it reaches the marketplace.

Home Entertainment

GPR can help in packaging your property straight-to-video or repackaging it after theatrical releases for an added revenue stream. We announce your product to national film and consumer media—newspapers, magazines, newsweeklies, online and consumer entertainment media—designed to hit key “New on VOD” hot lists specially targeted to each audience. 

Hollywood Services

GPR collaborates with many other agencies and publicists on media campaigns for celebrities, films, events, season premieres, book signings, parties, “sightings” and other opportunities for exposure.

If a client simply needs a profile boost, GPR works to position directors and filmmakers in the marketplace for both professional and consumer exposure.  

Publicity Materials

GPR teams with experienced Hollywood marketing writers with studio and network backgrounds for every format and need—Script to Synopsis, Tag Lines, Bios, Backgrounders, Fact Sheets, Media Alerts, Pitch Letters, Press Kits, Press Releases, Movie Investor Packets, and more.

Media Relations

Trade Show Support, Media Tours, New Product Announcements, Celebrity Handling, Film Festival, and Theatrical Publicity, Unit Publicity, B-roll, Video News Releases, Audio News Releases Targeted National or Local Distribution, and any other needs you may require.

Indie Film Marketing

In addition to providing publicity services for indie filmmakers, Danielle Garnier offers filmmakers private instruction and coaches individuals on developing a marketing and publicity strategy. 

Your Movies Matter

Also, we are affordable and deliver results