Midnight Cinema Announces Five Feature Films for Sale at The European Film Market (EFM) February 15th-23rd, 2018

Berlin, Germany (February 15, 2018)- Chicago film studio MIDNIGHT CINEMA, launches its cinematic debut on the world stage with five feature films and several scripts in the works. Midnight’s slate of movies offers a wide range of appeal for everyone, from urban crime dramas to a psychological thriller and a well-played 1980’s style comedy starring music icon Riff Raff. Included in its portfolio is Fredo Mafia, starring Fredo Santana, whose film comes with a very special and unique meaning because of his recent passing.

Midnight Cinema’s signature appeal is their gritty yet mesmerizing cinematography submerged in a classy and atmospheric style with a razor-sharp edge fulfilling their mission to leaves audiences with an experience that inspires and breeds creativity. Led by visionary founder Paul John’s focus, drive, and passion; Midnight delivers a look and offers storylines that lead their viewers to another world and back.

With several music videos under their belt for artists such as Future, Lil Peep, Lil Yachty, Famous Dex and more, Midnight Cinema proudly announces its explosive entrance at the 2018 EFM in Berlin.

LIFE IS LOVELY is the psychological thriller set in a cemetery inherited by two brothers, Sam and Saul. Their dad who kept the family business alive for over 60 years chose Sam, played by Barry Caldwell Jr. to run it over his brother. Sam’s brother Saul wants Sam to sell it for millions rather than hold on to it barely making ends meet, but Sam refuses because it’s been in the family so long.

When tragedy strikes Sam’s wife in a sudden car accident, Sam takes on the personality of a psychopath by cutting off parts of bodies and dancing with corpses while on a mysterious crusade that the audience never guesses until the end. Sam finds out neighbors are starting to suspect some very unusual things are happening at the cemetery until he has no choice to quiet them for good. In fact, while the viewer tries to solve what’s behind all of this unusual behavior, it’s not until the end that they find out another sinister plan was fueling these macabre events the whole time.

 SCHOOL FOR GODS This hard-hitting crime drama tale follows the life of (Jim) a street-smart chief gang leader of a small south side neighborhood in Chicago. He’s a young basketball and gambling hustler who throws all his chips in one day on the bulls. Making his next big move into the drug trade business, he soon finds out his world now consists of mob entanglement, a string of police corruption and an inside cartel connection.

Moving up the ladder while coinciding with meeting the love of his life and mentoring a kid prodigy. Jim must reconcile his gang family with his dream of finding a better life. Dirty cops turn out to be a serious threat. With every step Jim takes his life and the lives of those closest to him are transformed to unexpected consequences. Exposing a world of crime and followed along closely by the DEA into the depths of the operation. The neighborhood will never be the same.


LOAN ME A DIME starring film director Paul John himself as Charlie Stone, is about a young man who is following in the same footsteps as his father by a hustling pool to survive. Only Charlie’s dad’s story didn’t end very well. Set in the gritty streets of Chicago, Loan Me A Dime is a story of sacrifice, love, and a lot of danger that will have its audience rooting for its characters, well…most of them. Charlie’s luck turns for the worst when he loses a big game to crime boss Lunatic, better known as the Tic.

While Charlie struggles each day to pay back what he owes, the juice is running. Charlie’s, girlfriend Karen, continues to get worried as she sees him come home each night with cuts and bruises from his daily visits with the Tic. Charlie refuses help from Karen’s father, Mr. O’Henry, so Mr. O’Henry takes matters into his own hands soliciting help from his childhood friend that’s now on the police force. The only thing that seems to help Charlie is his new manager Roy Boy, who introduces him to higher stakes games. Charlie continues to believe in himself despite the odds, but what happens next is the biggest game of all.

FREDO MAFIA stars Fredo Santana, who has been featured with many celebs including Kendrick Lamar and Drake until his recent real-life death on January 20, 2018. With millions of social media followers, this movie was both Fredo’s and his fans crowned achievement with everyone anticipating his cinematic debut. Fredo’s untimely passing before Fredo Mafia’s release will be a guaranteed tribute to his star power and legendary status to those that followed him.

This movie short is a shoot ‘em up gangster picture that features music from Fredo’s latest album that bears the same name. Set in Los Angeles after Fredo Santana’s move from Chicago, this action-packed display of toughness, and determination to stay on top and be the boss is sure to have all its viewers engaged from beginning to end. 

SALZBERRY STATE UNIVERSITY: THE MOVIE, written and starring hip-hop icon Riff Raff, with a slew of celebrity cameos throughout, is a throwback in time to this 1980s style comedy. Salzberry State University’s star basketball program is the energy that gives this otherwise lifeless community in small-town Idaho all its pride and joy until one day Coach Carlson walks off the court mid-game and the school quickly turns into ancient ruins. Fast forward 16 years later to 1988 when multi-billionaire JT McSilzzzbee, played by Riff Raff, decides he is going to buy the school and bring back its glory days even bigger and better than it was before. He recruits the top players from around the globe with the most luxurious and deplorable incentives money can buy.

To make his mission complete, he employs the famous and very unusual sports announcer Chuck Borden, also played by Riff Raff. Everything works as planned until someone mysteriously spiked the Gatorade jug with moonshine leading to a domino effect of hilarious events that jeopardize the team’s future. Will the revamped team all but lose its dream to finally bring home the championship once again? Or will the culprit who has risked everyone’s chances to restore this town be brought to justice and clear the way for success? The twists and turns of Salzberry State University the Movie will have everyone on the edge their seats laughing out loud as this ridiculous adventure unfolds.

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