Entertainment Publicity Services

Film publicity and marketing for studios, distributors, and filmmakers

GPR’s primary objective is to exceed all the needs of its entertainment clients across all media. Just as each valued client is unique in his or her area of artistic endeavor, so should be the publicity and marketing requirements. GPR offers a seasoned, hands-on approach, invaluable contacts reachable within moments, and dynamic creative strategies that extend to clients the whole PR experience and unrivaled results.


GPR boasts publicity and marketing expertise in all aspects of film creation to provide its clientele with full-service film press and marketing packages. With our emphasis on Independent Film Theatrical Publicity and Publicist Services, we can also handle Production Publicity on the set, offer Film Festival presence and support, provide Theatrical presence and support (throughout the U.S. and in Canada), as well as Home Video Publicity and Home Entertainment capabilities with DVD, Blu-ray and Video on Demand. Having served as an associate producer and in film distribution, Danielle Garnier invests GPR with added insight into its clients’ needs.

Film Studio and Television Network Support

When a celebrity whose publicist is out of New York or Los Angeles comes to the Second City for a film premiere or personal appearance, GPR works to bridge his or her presence in Chicago and throughout the Midwest, which in turns expands the celebrity’s reach across the country. GPR can back teams on either coast by booking regional media tours, handling needs specific to the celebrity’s stay, coordinating local travel, planning “spontaneous” sightings and much more. GPR kicks into high gear in advance of an appearance with the press to create buzz and opportunities before a star ever lands on the runway.

Production Publicity

Balancing actors of varied personality with the needs of the studio for press and the marketing of films in production, the production or unit publicist is a key player on set. Danielle Garnier has served as production publicist on a number of films, lining up interviews with leading actors who would rather go to their trailer between scenes during a demanding day. Mentored by veteran production publicist Ernie Malik (Publicists of the International Cinematographers Guild board member), Danielle makes sure that Internet leaks are planned, positive or plugged up.

 Home Entertainment Publicity and Marketing – VOD/Blu-ray/DVD

Having publicized an aggregate of more than 250 commercially released movies, TV series and animated films from all over the world, GPR can help in packaging your property straight-to-video or repackaging it after theatrical releases for an added revenue stream. We announce your product to national film and consumer media—newspapers, magazines, newsweeklies, online and consumer entertainment media—designed to hit key “New Movies on VOD” hot lists specially targeted to each audience. We also arrange radio station giveaways and on-air plugs, all for professional and consumer consumption. GPR offers reduced rates for two or more titles per month.

Theatrical PR/Events

GPR will set up national film critic screenings, reviews, radio promotions, regional marketing and targeted social media campaigns prior to your film’s launch and keep the support going as long as it takes after it reaches the marketplace.

Cross-Promotional/Overflow Services

Danielle Garnier is sought after by producers and directors to promote their films via additional avenues their distribution deal does not offer. GPR can expand your exposure with multiple interviews, events on and off set, co-marketing opportunities and more. If a client simply needs a profile boost, GPR works to position directors and filmmakers in the marketplace for both professional and consumer exposure.

GPR has collaborated with many other agencies and publicists on media campaigns for celebrities, films, events, season premieres, book signings, parties, “sightings” and other opportunities for exposure. We’ve worked with some of the best talents and PR agencies in the world, to name just a few: BWR, ID-PR, Jonas PR, Ogilvy, Rogers & Cowan, Sue Procko PR, ICM, and CAA.

Garnier has also worked with companies in the gaming, animé and toy sectors to promote a film or VOD in the pre-production, production or release stage and by cross-promoting the launching of video games, action figures, toys, merchandising and collectibles. Please visit GPR’s Our Clients page for more details.

Editorial Services

GPR uses experienced Hollywood marketing writers with studio and network backgrounds for every format and need—Bios, Backgrounders, Fact Sheets, Media Alerts, Pitch Letters, Press Kits, Press Releases, Movie Investor Packets, and more.

Media Relations

Do we need to say more than simply saying GPR does it all? Targeted News Distribution, B-roll, Video News Releases, Audio News Releases, Trade Show Support, Unit Publicity, Media Tours, New Product Announcements, Celebrity Handling, Theatrical Publicity, and any other needs you may require.

Special Events

GPR is on the scene whenever the need arises. We boast an annual presence at Comic-con, we offer Film Festival publicity and support, we cover Trade Show events, we can set up Special Screenings, book Photographers, arrange for behind-the-scenes Video Crews, offer Branding services, and create Social Media Campaigns and Radio Promotions, as well as any other niche event we believe it would be beneficial to fill.