“My studio hired Danielle Garnier, purely on her reputation in home video DVD PR work. We were not getting what we needed from a generalist PR firm. When we started working with Danielle, we started to see the needle flip.

Suddenly, outlets that had previously ignored us (or seemed impossible to reach) were covering our DVD release. We started getting reviews and attention. Danielle then turned her attention to getting us a smarter digital strategy. 

All of these things started to move the dial for us, and we started getting more attention, and of course sales! We owe her a debt of gratitude for taking our new project and leaving no stone unturned to get us attention. We highly recommend her.”

Pat Giles, Executive Producer of Danger Pigeon Studios; Creator of General Mills television commercials, Design Supervisor for MTV’s Daria; Art Director for Disney’s Stanley, Character/Prop Designer for Disney’s Doug.

who we are

A movie and television publicity and marketing partner for studios, distributors, filmmakers, networks and publicists.

Garnier Public Relations is a boutique public relations agency in Chicago specializing in international and independent films by supporting other entertainment publicists, agencies, studios, production companies, film distributors and filmmakers. We provide publicity packages for all stages of a film’s creation, from concept to release.

GPR represents films the world over—from the U.S., Canada, Japan, France, England and Germany—and covers genres that include documentaries, animation, animé, drama, horror, cult, SF, comedy, music concerts, educational, and special interest. 

We also cover television series, made-for-television movies, television specials, and television networks.

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GPR’s clients are our sum and substance, part of our company’s DNA. Whether you’re an actor, director or producer, a production company, television network or publicist needing a hand, our clients are deserving of our attention at all times. With your trust and the best possible expression of your brand in mind, GPR serves as not just your publicity agent but as your voice in the crowd. 

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CineLife Entertainment, in partnership with VIZ MEDIA, will be distributing Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission to theaters across the U.S. and Canada beginning January 30th.


We are all connected. Learn about movies that matter to the world and the earth. Celebrate along with independent filmmakers as they present their films in person and highlight people who make a difference. March 15-17, 2019 at The Davis Theater in Chicago.

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