Public Relations

Entertainment Clients

GPR’s clients are our sum and substance, part of our company’s DNA. Whether you’re an actor, director or producer, a production company, merchandising company or music group, our clients are deserving of our attention at all times. With your trust and the best possible expression of your brand in mind, GPR serves as not just your publicity agent but as your voice in the crowd.


Wherever the stars shine, GPR is right by their side. In or outside Chicago—pick a city, any city—Danielle Garnier has handled renowned producers, actors and writers at national openings and events, including Stan Lee, Geraldine Chaplin, John Waters, Jim O’Heir, Chris Blackwell, George Carlin, Harry Belafonte, Danica McKellar, Sandra Bernhard, Fred “The Hammer” Williams, Zindzi-Mandela Hlongwane, Kathy Garver, Amy Acker, Mark Warner, Michael K. Williams, Bo Svenson and others.


We have a special place in our portfolio for filmmakers—newbies need notice and extra attention, while veterans must still prove themselves with everyone else crowding the platform. Before and after GPR was established, founder Danielle Garnier worked with Andrew and Remy Nemarc, Aram Rappaport, Christian Alvart, David Boyle, Matthew Aaron, Maria Finitzo, Kedar Korde, Enzo G. Castellari, Kenji Kamiyama, Mamoru Oshii, Robbie Bryan, Pat Giles, Manny Galan, Matt Pizzolo, Nicholas Celozzi, Sam Pollard, Satoshi Kon, Uwe Boll and more.

Distributors/Studios/Production Companies/Ad Agencies:

We can’t name them all, but some of our best and brightest are: Anchor Bay Entertainment, Arketype Entertainment, Sony Pictures Animation, Dark Sky Films, The Boathouse, Bandai Entertainment, Cinedigm, CineLife Entertainment, Cirquelry Productions, Danger Pigeon Studios, Dokument Films, Dreamworks SKG, Flat Iron Film Company, Freestyle Digital Media, Garden Thieves Pictures, Palm Pictures, PolyGram Video, Olive Films, Halo 8 Entertainment, Manga Entertainment, MPI Home Video, Neymarc Visuals, New Video, GKIDS, Cartoon Lagoon Studios, Production I.G, Res Media/Res Fest, Ryko Distribution, Severin Films, Spotlight Cinema Networks, Windward Entertainment and World Events Productions.

Film Festivals

Garnier publicizes numerous international features and documentaries with filmmakers and the acting talent that attend  Tthe Chicago International Film Festival, Asian Pop-Up Cinema, The Peace on Earth Film Festival, Louisiana International Film Festival, Hoboken International Film Festival, Bel-Air Film Festival and the Oakton Pop-Up Film Festival.


Toy/Comic/Video Game Companies:

Toys, comics, and video games can become films, while films can structure a bonanza of merchandising opportunities. Because GPR has been involved with animé and animation, it has enjoyed the opportunity to work with companies like Boom! Studios, Capcom, Dark Horse Comics, Diamond Select Toys, Lezhin Comics, Nuby Tech, Soto Toys, and Udon.


Garnier’s early experience in the music biz dovetailed perfectly with the promotion of musical artists and soundtracks for several film projects: Endless Noise music studio, Rachel McCluskey (soundtrack for Disney’s PROM); The Kings (from Toronto, 2008 regional tour); Sam & Ruby and pAt mAcDonald; (Nashville and Wisconsin musicians, respectively, on the soundtrack for Westbound with press and appearances promoting the film in Los Angeles and at various film festivals); and LaTour, American musician, singer-songwriter, and voice-over artist.