Public Relations

Meet Danielle Garnier

Chicago-bred and located, Danielle Garnier has earned her stripes in promotions and marketing in every media format: print, packaging, radio, venues/live performance, television, film and digital. Situated locally and performing globally, she has worked with players both new and established in the independent film industry—regionally, nationally, and in a number of countries and international cities.

Garnier began her media career at I.R.S. Records/MCA Records in retail marketing and radio promotions for the Midwest, where she promoted new record releases and artist tours (The Alarm, Concrete Blonde). This experience expanded to a stint at Chicago’s largest rehearsal studio, where she booked and scheduled bands and assisted musicians. She then went solo, promoting a complement of area bands with bookings, publicity, and marketing events, including record and new album release parties. At Soundworks Recording Studio, Garnier was busy promoting the company and its projects (The Smashing Pumpkins) before segueing as artist and tour manager for singer-songwriter/band LaTour for Smash/Island Records. She capped off her music period as promotions and venue manager at Shelter Nightclub. Over the course of all her music stints, she liaised with some of the music industry’s iconic artists: U2, Courtney Love, Nine-Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Concrete Blond, Oliver Stone and more.


At the same time, Garnier was drawn to newspaper publishing and expanding her knowledge and reach into the Midwest. What started as a volunteer position turned into Midwest Bureau Chief for West Coast newspaper, The World Tribune. For five years she assigned and edited articles and stories, covered news events, and managed photography focused on states throughout Middle America.

Stepping onto the national publicity platform in 1995, Garnier was given the nod as a member of the U.S. publicity team for the film Ghost in the Shell, a Japanese media franchise originally published as a manga series. At the time, it was the biggest Japanese animated feature film to enter the world marketplace. Dedicated to all of the DVD/home video publicity for Ghost, she did the same as part of the U.S. publicity and promotions team for Blood: The Last Vampire and Japanese animated psychological thriller/horror film Perfect Blue—the latter so well received that Madonna used clips from it in one of her tours. Garnier still attends Comic-con annually.

Additional films in a variety of genres followed until, in 2006, Danielle realized she wanted to put her unique breadth of expertise to work for herself. She formed GPR, her own media consulting firm, which acts as an extension of staff for an array of publicists, and film and television publicity departments in the U.S. and abroad. One of her first national publicity campaigns was the Blu-ray release of the original Inglorious Bastards movie prior to Tarantino’s re-make.

Since that time she has developed a concentration on promoting filmmakers and all phases of independent film production and distribution. Garnier in 2012 was credited as Associate Producer on noted documentary Momo: The Sam Giancana Story, the family story about Chicago’s biggest mob boss, after Al Capone.

Garnier is currently publicizing several independent and international films in various stages of development. She is becoming certified in Integrated Marketing Communications at Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University. Find out more about her at IMDB Pro.