Public Relations


“Danielle Garnier and Garnier PR, have been absolutely a dream to work with, from conception through completion I’ve received hands-on first rate attention and it’s shown every step of the way.”— Aram Rappaport, Writer/Director for Magnolia Pictures’ SYRUP


“So everyone knows, Danielle has been a godsend for our PR and such a supporter of me. Welcome to the family, Danielle. You’ll always be my personal PR after this.” – Matthew Aaron, Writer/Actor/Director (Landline)


“Danielle manages to strike that rare balance, zealously representing her clients while always making her press contacts feel like VIPs. The result? A win for everyone lucky enough to work with her.”
-Chris Chiarella -Entertainment/Technology Writer (Home Theater Magazine)

“Danielle and I worked closely together in 2004 on the promotion of the “Ghost in the Shell” phenomenon in the U.S. She proved to be not only a great team player but also a forward-thinking, reliable, smart and efficient professional with great human qualities.” – Olivier Mouroux- Vice President, Public Relations & Corporate Communications at Sony Pictures Animation (Previously at DreamWorks SKG)

“My studio hired Danielle Garnier, purely on her reputation in home video DVD PR work. We were not getting what we needed from a generalist PR firm. When we started working with Danielle, we started to see the needle flip. Suddenly, outlets that had previously ignored us (or seemed impossible to reach) were covering our DVD release. We started getting reviews and attention. Danielle then turned her attention to getting us a smarter digital strategy. All of these things started to move the dial for us, and we started getting more attention, and of course sales!We owe her a debt of gratitude for taking our new project and leaving no stone unturned to get us attention. We highly recommend her.“Pat Giles, Executive Producer of Cartoon Lagoon Studios (Design Supervisor for MTV’s “Daria,” Art Director for “Disney’s Stanley”, Character/Prop Designer for “Disney’s Doug”)

“If you were to ask me who my all-time favorite PR rep is to work with; without a doubt, the first and only name out of my mouth would be Danielle Garnier.” –Todd Doogan, Contributing Editor for The DigitalBits and Geek Monthly 

“In this day and age the concepts of hard work, dedication, loyalty, and perseverance may seem like relics from a bygone age, but if you want the job to get done in this modern world, you are going to need all those qualities and more. When you work with Danielle Garnier and Garnier Public Relations, you also get the most important thing: results. And isn’t that the bottom line?”— John Picard (aka Mister Zero) The Kings/ Toronto, Canada 

“When it comes to professionalism, thoroughness, and follow-through, you can’t ask for a better PR pro than Danielle. Not only does she regularly pitch new, interesting story ideas, she also makes sure to supply every resource necessary to craft comprehensive coverage. Danielle is simply a pleasure to work with!” –Jeff Berkwits, Former Columnist for Cinescape and Science Fiction Weekly

“If you want more than someone to just execute some PR, Garnier PR is the firm you want to work with. They take the time to connect with the objectives of each client personally and then build a strategy side by side with you. In today’s world, their personal touch coupled with their ability to deliver is refreshing!” — Christine Arylo, National Author, Speaker 

“Danielle always went above and beyond what I would expect from a PR person. She was a constant source of good information that I, in turn, was able to turn into stories.” Steve Fritz, Beckett Anime Magazine/Newsarama

“Danielle is the consummate professional. She is always on the cutting edge of what is happening or about to happen. Her relationship with clients is strong; her communication and connection such that referrals are a good percentage of her business. What is important in our business is the establishment of trust and follow-through and Danielle is exceptional in this regard. “ -Bonnie Jean Adams MA, Ph.D. -Chicago Culture & Events Examiner